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D And G Metal Inc is a reliable one-stop source for Brass and Other Non- Ferrous Precision Turned Components, Electrical Components & Accessories, Builders Hardware, Sanitary Hardware and Drain Tools.

D & G Metal is committed to offer quality goods at competitive price to its valued Customers. We strongly believe that the foundation and success of any business entirely depends on the satisfaction of its Customers. We have been achieving this by providing Quality Goods at Competitive Price. Our emphasis is on the quality of goods which has lasting services and the Price that is within the reach of Customers. Customers' Satisfaction is our Ultimate Goal, we meet it Successfully!

In a very short span of time, we have built up a strong Customer Base Worldwide. We have our own manufacturing facility, warehouse and proudly offer more than 150 exclusive products.

"Jiskcon International is associate company of D&G Metal Inc."

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Brass Neutral linkWe commit ourselves to provide products and services conforming to National and International standards and shall always strive to exceed the customers expectations. Through training and continues improvement, we shall uphold leadership in business.
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